"Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.
Practice, practice and all is coming!"
(S.K. Patthabi Jois)

Yoga classes

Movement, breath and gaze are the 3  pillars of this practice (Tristhana):

  • Each movement is executed with one inhalation or one exhalation (Vinyasa), to regulate the breath, to guarantee a good blood circulation and to make the body flexible. The intended breath is called “victorious breath” (Ujjayi Breath), obtained by encouraging an open and relaxed throat, by inhaling and by exhaling only through the nose and practicing a light lock of the larynx to create a sound that becomes a kind of “mantra” for concentration;
  • During every posture we focus our “gaze” (Drishti) towards a specific point, enabling complete concentration on movement;
  • Throughout the practice, we apply 3 particular muscular contractions / locks (Bandha) which allow us to maintain a heightened internal body heat, which eliminates toxins and gives us of the strength for the correct execution of the postures.

The two main locks, to be maintained during the whole practice, are Mula Bandha – “lock of the root” – which involves a kind of contracting the pelvic floor – and Uddiyana Bandha – “abdominal lock” – which involves contracting the lower abdominals towards the spinal column. The third lock is Jàlandhara Bandha – “lock of the throat” – executed by lowering the chin slightly while expanding the breastbone and looking towards the tip of the nose.
Practice should only be undertaken with expert guidance, with a teacher who will help you to accomplish the sequence correctly and avoid injury.


Yoga classes for beginners

The accent of this practice is on the flow between the movement and the breath, rather than on the precise achievement of the posture. Every person can practice without any discrimination with regard to the age, to the sex, to the weight, to the flexibility, with regard to any other personal situations (set apart pregnant women or victims of a break of bones or serious surgical operation in the last 6-months), because every asana can be adapted according to the…


Private yoga classes

Private classes can be given to an individual or to a maximum of 10 people. They can be held at your chosen location or home, or at the yoga centre upon previous reservation.  I can teach in French, English and Italian. Private classes are of completely tailored for you.
So, if you are pregnant, have physical issues or you just need to relax and/or want to stretch…

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Mysore classes for beginners and advanced

The “Mysore class” is the traditional way of teaching Ashtanga yoga, the same way that Pattabhi Jois was used to teach at the beginning.
All the Ashtanga practitioners, also the ones who started with the led classes, will eventually attend the Mysore class, as it is only trough this way of practice that we can reach our deep self-consciousness…..

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